Gamefish Junior Nationals 2018

Need some last minute accommodation in Manaba beach for the Gamefish Junior Nationals 2018? Are you still on your way to support a partaker? You can do one of two things Рeither Book Online to find out whether we have Read more

Things to do in Manaba Beach

It’t that time of the year – you’re planning you’re holiday and wonder which of the wonderful places to visit on the South Coast. Manaba Beach is a gem smack bang in the middle of Margate and Uvongo. It boasts Read more

Manaba Beach Accommodation

Hungry for holiday in Manaba Beach? has the perfect Manaba beach holiday apartment available. This beautiful apartment is set on the top floor with a patio providing breaker views. It boasts 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (en-suite, 2nd bathroom and Read more